Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Year 2 - The Green Ship production

This Week Year  2 have been practising hard for their end of term production of The Green Ship.

Can you explain what we did to prepare for our production?
What is your favorite part of the play? Why?

Year 2 - Plants

Last week Year 2 learned about Plants. They learned the different parts of a plant and how each part helps the plant to grow. 
Look at us role playing the different parts of a plant!

Can you name the different parts of a plant?
Can you explain the purpose of each part?

Year 2 - The chicks have hatched!

This week the newborn chicks visited Year 2. We were excited to see and hold them. 

Can you describe what the chicks looked like?
How did it feel when you held them?
What do you think a chick needs to help it grow?

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Year 2 - Practice makes perfect!

Auditions have been held, scripts printed out and songs chosen - Year 2 have started to rehearse for their production of The Green Ship. 

What makes a great production?
What can  make a production gripping for the audience?

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Year 2 - The Storm Scene

Today Year 2 have been recreating the story scene 
from the book "The Green Ship".
Having read the book we thought about what it would be like to be trapped on the Green Ship. 

Can you watch some of the video of the storm?
What would it be like to be on the Green Ship during a storm?
What might the characters say to each other?

Year 2 - The Green Ship

This week Year 2 have been doing lots of drama and script writing. They have been turning Quentin Blake's
 novel "The Green Ship" into a play.

What is your favourite dramatic moment
 in the book "The Green Ship"? Why?

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Year 1- Unicorn Theatre

Last week, we went to the Unicorn Theatre again.

We went to see 'Not Now, Bernard!' and it was so much fun.

We had seats right at the front of the theatre and the monster came so close to us but we weren't scared! We even had a picnic lunch by the river and the fountains.

Image result for not now bernard unicornImage result for not now bernard unicornRelated image

What was your favourite part of the performance?
What made you laugh?
What made you scared?